Wednesday, June 21, 2006

South Korea???

Well, I have cut my hair. I dressed up nice. Worked on a real nice resume and finally sent it out all over. I did not get a lot of hits to be honest. Not a lot at all for the jobs in America. But with time winding down for my lease for my apartment in Lawrence and a car that is about ready to go bye bye, I need something now so I have looked more and more into teaching English in Asia. In my search I have what seems to be a nice job, paying enough money to get by on and a decent place to live in while I am in the greater Seoul area in South Korea. Things are not finalized yet and their is still quite a bit of time between now and when I am suppose to start work but I have accepted a job offer and am now working on getting my visa for South Korea. So, we will see where it all goes and look for a new and exciting blog to be started describing all my adventures in Asia.

One nice thing about going to Korea is that my girlfriend is from the Seoul area and so we shall still be able to see each other. The problem is that she lives in America and does not go back very often but when she does we will be able to see each other.

Also, Sorry I have not been writing in here too much. I had been terribly busy with school and then with looking for a job and visiting all my family I had not seen in so long. Anyway, I always say there will be more coming soon but I really think there will be.

superpeace and lightful love


Blogger boo said...

asia should prove to be exciting. good luck :)

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Bar said...

Well sounds like you are heading in the right direction! Congrats to you Jeff

10:30 PM  

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